[vtkusers] what to set PYTHON_LIBRARY to?

Nikolaus Heger nikolaus.heger at gmail.com
Fri Feb 18 12:17:35 EST 2005


i am trying to compile VTK 4.4 on windows, but running into serious 
trouble. i believe the cause to be that i don't have any idea what


is supposed to be set to. the help for this item in ccmake lists lots 
of files that could be targets, but i don't have any of them (i have 
the Python 2.4 install binary for windows, and also tried Python 2.3 
install binary).

PYTHON_LIBRARY seems to expect a file (rather than a directory) so i 
tried setting it to Python24.lib (and Python23.lib) - but this produces 
lots of linking errors and eventually the build fails.

what am i supposed set this to?

thanks a lot!


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