[vtkusers] About Volume Rendering in VTK

Juan José Aja Fernández juan.aja at gmail.com
Wed Feb 16 18:33:51 EST 2005

I've posted a couple of questions about volume rendering, but I guess
they were too generic so I'm going to make it simple.

I want to volume render an unstructured grid, so I guess I should use
vtkUnstructuredGridVolumeRayCastFunction and Mapper.
What I want to know is: What do I need to do this?

I gues I will need a couple of points and voxels to define the grid. 
What else? Point Data or Cell Data?

What I'm trying to say is: How does vtk does the volume rendering in
unstructured grids? Does it work on the scalars of the grid?, or does
it work on the point/cell Data?.

Thanks in advance.


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