[vtkusers] ImageReader don't work

Jeremy Winston jbw at ieee.org
Mon Feb 14 09:47:37 EST 2005

Stephan Theisen wrote:
> [...]
> But all what I get is a black screen. 
> Is anything wrong in the following source code:
>    vtkImageReader2 ireader = new vtkImageReader2();
>    [...]
>    ireader.SetFileDimensionality(3);
I think this line is the problem.  The dimensionality
of a given TIFF file is 2, not three. I.e., all three
dimensions of the volume data set do not reside in a
single file.  Try removing this line.

Cf. http://www.vtk.org/doc/nightly/html/classvtkImageReader2.html#z3102_0


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