[vtkusers] Still having difficulties installing vtk

Tore Aurstad toreaur at stud.ntnu.no
Sun Feb 13 17:11:00 EST 2005

Hi, I recently updated from Fedora Core 2 to Fedora Core 3.

The FC3 uses xorg and not xfree86 as wm. When I try to install I 
get an error with libvtkRendering.so and it cannot find the 
X11ext symbols necessary. 

Anybody had luck with installing VTK on FC3 recently?

I just run cmake -i and use default plus enable python support and
then cmake .

then i run make and the errors pops up because the symbols cannot be

If anybody has managed to install VTK on FC3 that would be nice to hear,
or else I must try another distribution of Linux (again..)

Tore Aurstad

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