[vtkusers] Re: [solved] How can I insert a Tcl binary string into a vtkDataArray?

H.Vidal, Jr. hvidal at tesseract-tech.com
Sat Feb 12 01:36:22 EST 2005

Erin McKay wrote:
> As noted previously, the vtkCharArray can be used with Tcl binary 
> strings. But that's not the whole story. Thanks to HV for pointing me in 
> the right direction...

Nothing like finding a working solution.......ahh, the simple things in 

> Now, wouldn't it be nice if the wrapper generator did this for us?

I really want to spend the time to find out where the C++ interfaces
are generated via cmake/make, then I guess we could just patch this
once and for all and export these key missing interfaces.......is this
sort of thing *well* documented somewhere?

It almost seems like the char (byte) level interface to the array object
was left out because char arrays are sort of 'special' in a string language
like tcl; maybe exporting such an interface is considered kind of, uh,
dangerous. Who knows. In any case, it's useful.



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