[vtkusers] How to save a updated image etc..

Koichiro Suzuki suz at mito.ssd.ssg.fujitsu.com
Mon Feb 7 04:18:10 EST 2005

I found the answer.

> 1. How to save a updated image
>  I would like to save a new image after updating the camera position, cutting pl
> ane
> and so on. But I can't save the updated image after changing these value.
>  The following code changes azimuth and saves images. But "camara.1.jpg"
> is just same as "camera.0.jpg".

 I should use Modified instead of Update before Write...

         writer SetFileName "camara.1.jpg"
         w2i Modified
         writer Write

Thanks, all.

But about the following question , I am looking for the answer..

> 2. How to get the grid mesh size
>  The above code uses a vtkPLOT3DReader class.
>  Can we get the grid mesh size ?
>  We could "SetExtent 1 60 1 60 7 7" ,if we knew sizes previosly.
>  But I would like to get sizes dinamically.

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