[vtkusers] Simple problem

Vishal Majithia vm1757 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 4 13:00:10 EST 2005

Hi, I've looked on the archives, and though I got some
directions, I'm still not able to solve this problem,
though it should be simple.

I need to generate a 3D cube (surfaces) and save it as
a binary file in ITK. The approach I took was to use
PolyData, create a cube, and try to write it as a
binary file. However, ITK registration algorithms are
choking on  it. My question is: Is the problem that
it's a PolyData, rather than an Image? I used the
SetFileTypeToBinary, and it is writing binary to the
file. Is it easier to use vtkCubeSource? Any
suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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