[vtkusers] Re: number of points in vtkAppendPolyData

Goodwin Lawlor goodwin.lawlor at ucd.ie
Thu Feb 3 12:50:47 EST 2005

Can you post the code where you've added points to the vtkPolyData objects?

"Denis Saussus" <dsaussus at fugro-jason.com> wrote in message
news:F42290EAAE100A4A99A3A9BE2059504FBDB121 at MAIL.fugro-jason.local...
How can I get the following to print the total
number of points in the appended set?

a = vtk.vtkPolyData()
b = vtk.vtkPolyData()

apd  = vtk.vtkAppendPolyData()

print apd.GetOutput().GetNumberOfPoints()

==> this prints '0' instead of a+b ?

I tried doing apd.Update() before but it didn't help.

What am I missing?
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