[vtkusers] creating elipsoid

Luca Pallozzi Lavorante lucapl at rc.unesp.br
Wed Feb 2 11:21:30 EST 2005

Theodore Papatheodorou wrote:

> Hi,
> I would like to create an ellipsoid and I noticed that there is no 
> "Source" class for that, like there is for sphere, box etc.... Any ideas?
> theodoros
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Hi, Theodore,
to create ellipsoids, you can use instances of vtkSphereSource and pass 
them to a vtkTransformPolyDataFilter. In that filter, you´ll have to 
explicitly create a matrix trasformation, using the vtkTransform class. 
You´ll have to invoke the Scale methods to properly specify the length 
of the ellipsoid´s axes. Have a look at vtkTransformPolyDataFilter´s 
documentation to see some examples.



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