[vtkusers] Re: vtkBMPReader 8 bits???

Goodwin Lawlor goodwin.lawlor at ucd.ie
Tue Feb 1 09:11:45 EST 2005

Hi Pierre-Jean,

>From the source code it looks like vtkBMPWriter writes out 24 bpp even if
you only have 8 bpp... you'll get three identical RGB channels. Why not try
a different format, vtkPNGReader/Writer for example... its lossless AFAIK



"Pierre-Jean Boulianne" <pier_jan at hotmail.com> wrote in message
news:BAY103-F1347A88E5C7A84D82F1E5BFB7D0 at phx.gbl...
Hi, I want to write a 8 bits bitmap. I can only  write a 24 bits with
vtkBMPWriter. Can you help me?
I use vtkBMPReader ro read a 8 bits bitmap. Should I use vtkImageReader and
a lookup table; how?
I'm working in c++.
Thanks a lot.

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