[vtkusers] again Stencil Buffer

Ingmar Wegner i.wegner at dkfz-heidelberg.de
Wed Dec 29 14:16:19 EST 2004

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all,

I wanted to ask once more, how stencil some objects in a vtk scene.

I tried to enable stencil buffer, thought I solved the problem through 
overwriting SetupPixelFormat in vtkWin32OpenGLRenderWindow, but now I 
noticed, that I didn't solve the problem.
I still haven't got access to the stencil buffer.
I an OpenGL test environment I got the things I want to do to work 
easily but VTK gives me a headache.

How can I enable Stencil Buffer?
Is there an other way to stencil rendered objects?
Is that what vtkImageStencil or vtkImageToImageStencil are used for?

What I need is a progress to be able to cut off objects through other 
invisible objects like done in depth testing with disabled ColorMask. 
Then I want to enable stencil -testing to be able to switch off depth 
testing and to draw the next object only stenciled with the visible 
objects (as if only in background).
This is to be done in a 3D environment and the last object is a 2D 
Image, so vtk always wants to draw it in the front...

Any answer is welcome!
    (I wrote three questions now, that weren't answered. I also tried to 
reach David Grobbi but didn't succeed... )

Happy new Year,

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