[vtkusers] vtkCellPicker

Scott J. Pearson scottjp at CLEMSON.EDU
Wed Dec 22 16:36:20 EST 2004

I am using vtkCellPicker to display the value of a cell in an actor, given
x-y coordinates from a double-click. It works well under normal conditions.
However, when I stretch the image in a "zoom-to-fit" feature using
vtkProp3D's SetScale feature (changing the x factor while leaving the y and
z factors at 1.0f), I can "pick" coordinates OUTSIDE of the actor's display
region and still get results. The results would be accurate were the located
inside of the actor. I have traced this through the Pick and
IntersectWithLine procedures for vtkPicker and vtkGenericCell with no luck.
I don't know where else to trace. Any suggestions?

With thanks,

Scott J. Pearson
Systems Programmer, Center for the Advanced Engineering of Fibers and Films
Clemson University     864.656.6389     sjpears at clemson.edu
10 Riggs Hall, Clemson, SC  29634

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