[vtkusers] Surface or Volume Rendering or What ?

Mohamed Sabry m_sabri at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 17 22:30:36 EST 2004

Dear VtkUsers,

I need to visualize the internal views of hollow organs. I tried both 
surface and volume rendering of vtk. However, i never get the output 
provided by commercial packages such as


My questions are, if you already saw that website.

1. Are they using surface/volume rendering (I believe surface!)
2. How to achieve that quality using vtk. Is it a light problem, or 
rendering technique one.

I do not think it is my graphic card problem because i have "nvidia Quadro 
FX 3000. "

thanks for your help.

M. Sabry Hassouna
Medical Imaging Research Assistant
University of Louisville
Kentucky, USA.
msabry at cairo.spd.louisville.edu

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