[vtkusers] how to show 4D?

Emiliano Beronich emiliano at veccsa.com
Thu Dec 16 10:07:57 EST 2004

Hi Kingaza,

Here is my class an some code for using it.

#include "itkJoinDimensionsImageFilter.h"

these are typical definitions:

typedef itk::Image < float, 4 > itkImage4DType;
typedef itk::Image < float, 3 > itkImage3DType;
typedef itk::JoinDimensionsImageFilter< itkImage4DType, itkImage3DType > 

The output of this filter is the input of a VTKImageExport

typedef itk::VTKImageExport< itkImage3DType > ExporterType;

then it follows a vtkImageImport and your vtk pipeline for visualization 
(maybe vtkResampleImageFilter, vtkImageMapToColors, vtkImageMapper, etc...).
The input of the JoinDimensionsImageFilter is a 4D image. You can use a 
PermuteAxesImageFilter for select another orthogonal view of the volume. 
But remember, the JoinDimensionsImageFilter joins the last two (3rd and 
4th) oh his input.

typedef itk::PermuteAxesImageFilter< itkImage4DType > PermuterType;

If you have any trouble with this filter or if you find a bug I will 
appreciate you let me know.

Emiliano Beronich

kingaza at gmail.com wrote:
> hi, emiliano, thank you very much!
> could share your work? i think it will do me a favor!
> thx again.
> regards,
> kingaza
> On Wed, 15 Dec 2004 11:54:54 -0300, Emiliano Beronich
> <emiliano at veccsa.com> wrote:
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