[vtkusers] getting largest components output by vtkPolyDataConnectivityFilter

Michel Audette m.audette at aist.go.jp
Wed Dec 15 02:15:27 EST 2004

Hi everyone,

I am working on a method to extract anatomical surfaces for producing
patient-specific surgery simulator, and one issue that I have is that
Marching Cubes produces small surfaces that of little consequence to the
simulation. They are a nuisance because my post-processing performs a
spatially varying decimation, but this method has trouble handling small,
isolated surfaces. I would like to use vtkPolyDataConnectivityFilter to get
rid of these small surface blobs. Is it possible to manipulate individual
connected components so as to threshold them on the basis of the area of

Thanks for your kind consideration. Cheers,


Michel Audette, Ph.D.,
Research Fellow, Surgical Simulation,
Surgical Assist Technology Group,
Namiki 1-2,
Tsukuba, Japan,
"If you think you can do it, you're right.
 If you think you can't do it, you're still right."
- Henry Ford

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