[vtkusers] how to show 4D?

Emiliano Beronich emiliano at veccsa.com
Tue Dec 14 10:26:38 EST 2004

Hi kingaza,

Do you want to show 4D-images?

vtk supports only 3D images. If you want to show the 4th dimension you 
need to implement some trick.
You could try one of these solutions:
-stacking the 3rd and 4th dimension in the same dimension (the 3rd).
-depending of what you need exactly, another solution could be reading 
the image under itk, extracting a 3D-volume and then exporting to vtk. 
With this approach you lose some pipeline funcionality.

I have an application where I am showing 4D images. I read and process 
the image on itk and I use vtk for visualization. I have developed some 
classes to stack the 4th dimension in the 3rd before exporting to vtk, 
preserving the pipeline update when a different t is needed.


kingaza at gmail.com wrote:
> hi all, 
> i am learning vtk, and now i want to show 4D (3D + t),  how can i implement it?
> could you give me some example?
> regards,
> kingaza
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