[vtkusers] vtkRenderWindowInteractor and multithreading

ttickle ttickle at cs.uno.edu
Thu Dec 9 19:01:02 EST 2004

    I have a windows application which I am writing which preforms live 
updates to the Renderer held by my RenderWindow.  I have a thread which 
every so often preforms updates to objects representing data about a 
particular task.  The vtkProp objects which represent the onscreen 
display of these objects are updated.  Next, I attempt to remove all the 
objects from the scene (cause I will be reordering the display so that 
objects have order to them).  I then get an assembly from each object 
containing all the vtkActors representing the object and add them to 
renderer at their appropriate places.  I then attempt to call the 
windows Render method to preform the updated visualization. 

    I also have a vtkRendererWindowInteractor running at this time so 
that I may move around and get closeup views of the tasks (thus able to 
get more detailed information).  However, when I attempt to call render 
on the window after updating, I get a number of messages which I cannot 
fully read due to the application crashing near this point.  The errors 
mention that a wiggle call to make current (I assume the rendering 
context) failed.

    After doing some more testing, I have just window->Render() being 
called.  (No actors have been added to the renderer, and none of the 
vtkActors representing the tasks have been updated.)  This still results 
in a crash as soon as render is called.  So I then tried calling the 
interactors Render method.  However, this also results in a crash as 
soon as it is called. 

    I assume I am running into a problem with mutlithreading.  Is their 
anyway to use the interactor in a multithreaded application (maybe 
somehow stop the interactor from trying to render) while I preform my 
updates.  Any help is appreciated.


Thomas Tickle

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