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Try vtkBandedPolyDataContourFilter.
You would need to convert your unstructured grid to poly data first
(e.g. with vtkGeometryFilter).
You can then control the number of colours used in the interpolation
and the interpolation is by value rather than colour.


>>> vtkusers-request at vtk.org 09/12/2004 13:30:17 >>>
I guess i have the same problem as the one discribed in : 
but for thresholding purpose.

Let's assume we have a quad in an unstructured grid with the following
values at
each vertex.
We assign to the data set mapper a lut with ten colors and a color
range from 0
to 1 

0.0-------------------  0.5
|                         |
|                         |
0.5 -------------------  1.0

The resulting rendering is a continuous color interpolation with
millions of
colors between vertices where I would like to have a color mapping
using only 10
colors. The SetInterpolationTo* method does not help.

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