[vtkusers] vtkVideoSource

Simon Drouin sdrouin at bic.mni.mcgill.ca
Wed Dec 8 10:57:14 EST 2004


I'm using vtkVideoSource in a program.  I 'm watching the "Modified" 
event. When it is trigered, I call Update. The windows that display 
video are all watching the "Modified" event of the vtkVideoSource output 
(vtkImageData) so that when Update is called, they should be notified 
and get the chance to render.

My problem is that the Update function of vtkVideoSource eventually 
sends a Modified event too and since my function that watches the 
"Modified" event calls Update, I end up with and infinite loop.

I would like to add an event that is more specific that "Modified" and 
that is triggered when something in the framebuffer has changed. This 
event should be called when a new frame is grabbed, when the framebuffer 
index is changed and when the framebuffer is updated. 

So here's my questions:

How should I add this event? Should I use an already existing event type 
(which one?) or create a new one?

How do I submit my code?

btw, I just finished coding vtkV4L2VideoSource (Video for Linux 2 video 
source). I will eventually like to submit that too.

Also, am I the only vtkVideoSource user that feels the video source and 
the frame buffer its using should be in 2 different classes.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Simon Drouin

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