[vtkusers] scan simulation with vtkPointPicker

Moti Freiman freiman at cs.huji.ac.il
Wed Dec 8 03:21:57 EST 2004

I'm trying to simulate laser scan of an object.
i put the object at window, and try to pick from all pixels of window, 
i've got the coords of the object, but all its (0 0 0).
follow my scanning code, do someone know what the problem? or if there 
another way to do it?

my code:
    fstream file;
    double intersectionCoords [3];
    vtkPointPicker * ray = vtkPointPicker::New();
    vtkProp3DCollection * prop3DCollection = vtkProp3DCollection::New();
    int x,y;

//viewer - handle mapper, actor etc for viewing polydata
    viewer.getScreenSize (x,y);
    int intersectionOccured = 0;
    for (int index1=0;index1<x;index1++){
        for (int index2=0;index2<y;index2++){
            intersectionOccured = 
            if (intersectionOccured) {
"<<intersectionCoords[1]<<" "<<intersectionCoords[2]<<endl;



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