[vtkusers] The ParaView Guide

Roland Schulz r2s2 at gmx.de
Sun Dec 5 06:38:53 EST 2004


On Friday 03 December 2004 20:58, Amy Henderson wrote:
> Kitware has recently published a new book, "The ParaView Guide".  It
> details the use and development of ParaView, a parallel visualization
> application capable of handling very large data sets.  The book coincides
> with version 1.8 of the software.  The book is available for purchase from
> Kitware's on-line store: go to www.kitware.com, and select "ParaView Guide"
> from the Products/Services menu.  The price of the book is $72, which
> includes shipping within the US.
How does it compare to the online avaible "The ParaView Guide"? Is it just an 
updateto version 1.8? It seems to be alot more detailed (340p to 77p). What 
additional topics are covered? Is there a table of content available?

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