[vtkusers] mac os x VTKData configuration

Marius S Giurgi rendezvous at dreamxplosion.com
Thu Dec 2 16:05:30 EST 2004

I'm sure others came across this issue. I read through the archive but 
without getting any useful information, unfortunately.
The issue is: after installing VTK on mac os x (panther), the tests 
don't find the VTKData folder.

Here are the steps I followed:
I downloaded the VTK4.4 and placed it in /Developer/VTK
I downloaded the VTK data file and placed it in /Developer/VTKData (the 
readme is in this directory)
I created a /Developer/VTKBuild, where I want my build to be placed 
(and cd to that directory)
I configured the compilation (ccmake ../VTK) and make VKT_ROOT_DATA 
point to the /Developer/VTKData
.. and compile VTK

...after compilation I run the tests in the  /Developer/VTKBuild/bin
Most of the time I get the errors regarding the VTKData folder not 
being found.

For example, for ./HybridCxxTests 3 I get errors such as:

ERROR: In /Developer/VTK/IO/vtkImageReader2.cxx, line 529
vtkPushImageReader (0x220e2b0): Initialize: Could not open file 

Apparently is looking into the wrong path, so I assume the path is not 
being expanded correctly, or the environment variable is not read at 
all. Yes, I did manually set the environment variable 
VTK_ROOT_DATA="/Developer/VTKData", in case this was important (I added 
this line to my  .bash_profile and source it). The env command reflects 
this change, so the variable is set properly.

I fear that even with the vtk applications I'm going implement I will 
get the same kind of error, so I'd really like to clarify this now 
before I start any coding of my own.

Any ideas how to fix this and have the tests find the right path to the 


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