[vtkusers] Huge numbers of cubes

Budd Hirons bhiron at lsuhsc.edu
Wed Dec 1 11:12:31 EST 2004

maybe vtkGlyph3D?

Can it be done as glyphs instead of a unique actor for each brick?  This 
could map thousands of glyphed bricks with one actor/mapper pair and 
seriously reduce your load.  I am glyphing 5000~8000 points with 
excellent responsiveness.  And you can pick single glyphs as well if you 
require that.


Sensei wrote:
> Sensei wrote:
>> Hi. I'm simulating the effect of a load over a tower of bricks, and I 
>> wonder how to deal with such a huge number of elements.
>> I have 4000~6000 nodes and 3000~5000 bricks. These, multiplied by two: 
>> the original and the tower after the analysis.
>> Can you suggest me a way of visualizing those two towers with vtk in 
>> the same window? I would make the actors semi-transparent...
> Have I asked a so stupid question? ........

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