[vtkusers] streamline calculation crash on a dual- processor machine! vtkMultiProsessControl?

joseph mccoy j.mccoy at gmx.de
Wed Dec 1 07:33:54 EST 2004

hi all,

i have a vtk- app that calculates streamlines on an unstructured grid. it works fine on every single- processor machine i've tested it on. but if i use this application on a dual- processor workstation it crashes. the same happens on a p4 with activated hyperthreading (when ht is deactivated, it runs fine). 
i guess, the problem is that the ThreadedIntegrator within the vtkStreamer doesn't work fine with two processors. is there a way to avoid this problem ( without rewriting half of the vtkStreamer)? i've just read something about vtkMultiProcessController. could that help calculating streamlines on a machine with two processors?

many thanks in advance...

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