[vtkusers] Try to install VTK package in Borland C++ 5

Xianjin Yang Yang at AGIUSA.COM
Thu Jul 31 11:10:01 EDT 2003

I had the same problem a few days ago. The answer can be found in the VTK source
directory VTK\README.html (Common Problems). 

"Link error with borland: TCL82.LIB contains invalid OMF record, type 0x21
(possibly COFF). You have to convert Tcl libraires from coff to omf with the
Borland utilitiy coff2omf. Once you have created OMF versions, re-run cmake to
tell it where the Borland versions of Tcl and Tk are located. Also, make sure
that you are using Tcl/Tk 8.3.2. "

I am afraid that you may have to convert your VTK LIBs into omf format.


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I try to install VTK in Borland C++ Builder 5.
I read the package creation steps in Readme.txt but i have an error when i
compile the package vtkBorlandRenderWindow : the message is

[Link error] '...\VTK42\LIB\VTKRENDERING.LIB' contains invalid OMF record, type
0x21 (possibly COFF)

can you help me please.

Thank You very much.

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