[vtkusers] Help with tcl interpreter

Johanna pettersson.johanna at home.se
Tue Jul 29 07:35:11 EDT 2003

I have not done that before so this might be the error.
However, if I try your little example below I still get an error from Tcl_EvalFile. Is it enough to write 'load libVTK...' or is 'catch {load /myVTKLibPath/libVTK...}' more accurate?

I am using Linux.


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In that case; you may need to load the Vtk libraries
first in your script.

What OS are you using?
If Unix/Linux, try adding this on the top of your script:

load libvtkCommonTCL

For example:

load libvtkCommonTCL
vtkVersion foo
foo GetVTKVersion

-- Rob

On Tue, Jul 29, 2003 at 12:53:00PM +0200, Johanna wrote:
> Thank you for your tip.
> I have already done that however. The problem is not to find the tcl script but to run it. When the tcl script only contains for example setting a variable, 'set var 5', everything works fine and I can access the variable from my c++ file. But when I try to use vtk classes in the tcl script the Tcl_EvalFile returns an error, i.e. the problem seems to have something to do with vtk...
> Johanna

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