[vtkusers] Problem in SampleMFC test?

Jean-Dominique Barnichon jeando.barnichon at free.fr
Mon Jul 28 12:52:55 EDT 2003


I've compiled the vtk4.0 MFC sample test (located in
Examples\GUI\Win32\SampleMFC) with VC++6.0 (sp5) under Win98.
When running the exe in fullscreen mode 1024*768*32 (the main frame and the
child frames), there is a  bug which can be easily seen by set background to
white in vtkMFCRenderView constructor :

Then, you just run the exe and you open several child windows.
You (at least I do) should get a black area at the right and bottom part of
the window that increases in size as more and more child windows are opened.

It sounds like a problem between Win32 and vtk?
Does anybody obtain the same behaviour and/or has a clue where it could come


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