[vtkusers] Display vtk application through VMWare

Bert Schiettecatte bert.schiettecatte at esat.kuleuven.ac.be
Wed Jul 23 14:38:55 EDT 2003

I had other problems similar to yours that are related to color
settings. I had a ChoosePixelFormat error as soon as I somehow tried to
make VTK render into a MDI child window (in a QT MDI application). I’m
using Carsten’s VTK-QT package now and I’ve dropped the idea of doing an
MDI application because I still can’t get it to work. The concept of
playing around with window id’s is obviously not a safe way to make VTK
render where you want it to render, but I don’t see an alternative
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Subject: [vtkusers] Display vtk application through VMWare
We made an application using vtk4.0 and QT (vtkQGLRenderWindow).
VTK can only paint in the first third vertical part of the display area
when the color Depth setting (Windows display setting) are set to 256
So far, we went around this by setting 16 or 24 Bit but if the
application is run through VMWare (Window emulator on Unix) then nothing
can be done to correct the problem. 
Every setting seams to be fine in terms of color depth.
Did someone had a similar problem in the past ?

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