[vtkusers] building vtk in VC++

mccoy j.mccoy at gmx.de
Tue Jul 22 02:41:25 EDT 2003

Hi Tejas,

using CMake for configuring VTK first is very helpfull, i'm not even sure if there is an other way. for building vtk, you only have to download the vtk- and vtkdata- files and unzip them in a folder. then open cmake and drag/drop the CmakeList.txt into the cmakewindow. the sourcedir is the vtk- directory. the build- dir is usually named 'VTKbin' or something like that. the vtkdata directory is added by cmake automatically. all you have to do then is to decide, wich other languages you want to wrap (tcl, python java.. ) and wich further components you want to use (patented, hybrid, ...). 
after cmake is finished generating the code, you'll find the vc++ workspace  'vtk.dsw' in the build- dir. doubleclick it you are ready to build vtk.
hope this helps. 

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  I am new to VTK and am unsure how to build it. 

  Do I need to use CMake to configure first ? If yes, what is the source dir ?

  I am basically trying to use the VTK files for an ITK application but am unsure how to go about building VTK. 

  Thank you in advace


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