[vtkusers] Interaction with a cut plane.

Said. Said.El_Kasmi at sophia.inria.fr
Mon Jul 21 06:56:18 EDT 2003


In fact, I have two pipelines. One for the geometry, and the other for
the cut plane.

to plot the cut plane I use the followin method.

public void plotCutPlane(vtkCanvas renWin){
 //here I build an actor and add it to the vtkCanva renWin.

i have another method, inside another object, to plot the geometry (

public void plotGeometry(vtkCanva renWin){
 //here a build an actor for the geometry and add it to renWin.

With this, I dont find yet how to interact with the cut plane
(translate, rotate, etc...) without moving with the geometry (ie the
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