[vtkusers] How to have multipe renderwindows using wxPython (and other wx questions).

Mathieu Malaterre Mathieu.Malaterre at creatis.insa-lyon.fr
Fri Jul 18 04:23:44 EDT 2003


In addition to C.P. Botha suggestions, I would like to add:

Make sure you are using wxVTKRenderWindow from vtk and not the one ship 
with wxPython:

This one is not supported anymore:

Instead rather use:

which can easily be loaded via:

#python sample
from vtk.wx.wxVTKRenderWindowInteractor import *

if __name__ == "__main__":
#end python sample

Finally you'll find in this archive:


A sample program called SplitSample, which use two
wxVTKRenderWindowInteractor (this is written in C++ but shouldn't be too 
hard to understand and translate to python).


Maurice van de Rijzen wrote:
> Dear all,
> Recently I changed fvrom using tkInter to wxPython because. as I 
> understood from different sources, wxPython is considered to be more
> 'professional' and it has more widgets. I understood that wx support is 
> now in the recent versions of VTK. I can however not finf it the help 
> files.
> But besides this my problem is as follows.
> Using tkinter I defined a renderWindow that had multiple renderers 
> assigned to different parts of the renderwindow using the viewport 
> commands. When I migrated to wx I had some problems using the 
> windowInteractor using the multiple renderers.
> Then I had the idea to  use the size properties of wx frame to create a 
> frame with two renderwindows. I did this with the following code (I 
> removed the viepwport settings):
> frame = wxFrame(None, -1, "wxRenderWindow", size=wxSize(800,800))
> widget = wxVTKRenderWindow(frame, -1, position=(1,1),size = 
> (400,800),style=wxSIMPLE_BORDER)
> widget2 = wxVTKRenderWindow(frame, -1, position=(401,1), size = 
> (400,800),style=wxSIMPLE_BORDER)
> widget.GetRenderWindow().AddRenderer(ren1)
> widget2.GetRenderWindow().AddRenderer(ren2)
> The problem now is that the in the left part of the window the correct 
> renderer is displayed but not centered, it looks like the size command 
> has no effect. Whereas the second widget is displayed correctly.
> Is this a problem of VTK or wx?
> How can I chech which version of VTK I'm using.
> When I instaal the latest version of VTK(Nightly) does it standard 
> include wx or do I have to do something extra.
> In the current example I include the definition of 'class 
> wxVTKRenderWindow' in my source beacuse otherwise I get an messgae it 
> doesn't know the wxVTKRenderWindow class. But I do use
> from wxPython.wx import *
> These are a lot of questions I hope someone is able to help me with some 
> of these questions.
> Greetings,
> Maurice
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