[vtkusers] Volume Clipping Problems

Magnus Gedda vtk at fri.nu
Wed Jul 16 10:31:27 EDT 2003

Hello everyone, I have a problem with clipping a volume.

What I want to do is basically to use the implicit function vtkPlanes to

extract a subvolume from a larger volume. But for some strange reason
the defined output of vtkClipVolume is vtkUnstructuredGrid and not
vtkStructuredPoints... So how do I cast/filter the result of
vtkClipVolume to vtkStructuredPoints? Or how do I render a volume using
vtkUnstructuredGrid as an input?

This is the same problem as Jianlong Zhou brought forth in October 2001
but there seems to be no solutition to it represented in the archive.

Another aproach to the problem might be to use vtkExtractVOI, or maybe
even vtkImageClip, to make the clipping. But as I am new to both VTK and
Tcl I have no clue how to pass the vtkPlanes bounding box to
vtkExtractVOI. Is it possible to somehow use the bounds of vtkPlanes in
the vtkExtractVOI method SetVOI?

The reason I use vtkPlanes is that its supported by the boxWidget which
makes it easy to build a dynamic volume clipper once I get this problem

A solution to the problem or merely some thoughts on the subject would
be immensely appreciated!


Magnus Gedda

PS. Sorry if this mail got sent twice. The first was held for approval
by the list moderator since I accidentally sent it from another email
address than the one I have registered in the member list.

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