[vtkusers] HELP -- vtkImageReader2 ERROR!

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Christos...also make sure your image data is indeed Short .... you 
indicated it was only 0-255 so it might be unsigned_char...this would 
definitley cause the reader to attempt to read past the end of the 

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hi there

this follows a previous post:
i am trying the past couple of days to volumize a set of raw data files 
containing medical data
the files represent images of
size 256x256
binary (0-255)
spacing 2.5
voxel size (x,y) 1.1211
(the above data comes from an independent header file / raw files -> no 

first of all which reader should i use?
vtkImageReader, vtkImageReader2, vtkBMPReader, ...?

if someone has already some code that does something similar, i would 
appreciate if he/she could share it

I have attempted to write the module however I there is a problem in the 
next block of calls:

vtkImageReader2 *reader1 = vtkImageReader2::New();
15436 one contour"); //filenames are ok
  reader1->SetFilePattern("%s.l%.2d"); //filenames are ok
  reader1->SetDataOrigin(120.1, -130.5, -60.5);

The error I am getting in the console is:

_Generic Warning: In /home/bellet/rpm/BUILD/VTK/IO/vtkImageReader2.cxx, 
line 668
File operation failed. row = 140, Read = 492, FilePos = -1

Press Enter to continue!

I have oppened the some of the files with a hex editor etc. and they 
seem ok!

_Any help would be really appreciated!
Also if someone has a module that does the job, I would really be 
greatful if he/she could message me!


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