[vtkusers] aspect zooming in vtk4.2

pinkentitus pinkentitus at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 8 07:06:30 EDT 2003


We are developing a 3D CFD data visualization tool using vtk.

We recently shifted from vtk 4.0 to 4.2 and now have the following problem:

Setting the pixelaspect on the viewport (in this case the renderer) used to result in views with different aspect ratios (which is useful for us, because our datasets tend to be much wider than tall).

But now, with vtk 4.2 this doesn't work anymore, although some 2D actors behave as desired and the interactorstyle seems to change its behaviour.

We tried to find the problem in the vtk sources and the aspect setting seems to influence the results of WorldToDisplay but we couldn't find any obvious reasons why this wouldn't work correctly. It's probably to deep down into the rendering process for us. Hope someone can help us out.

Kind regards,

Pink and Titus
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