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Bert Schiettecatte bert.schiettecatte at esat.kuleuven.ac.be
Tue Jul 8 04:53:05 EDT 2003

Hi All,
I've been trying to get VTK work in a QT MDI Child window, without
success. I tried to use 
Vtkandqt available at 
The package works fine as long as I don't let the MDI Child class
inherit from RenderWindowInteractor 
Instead of letting it inherit from QWidget. There seems to be a problem
with the RenderWindowInteractor 
being a child widget. 
The error messagebox I get is 'ChoosePixelFormat failed', and then my
application quits. 
Anyone have any ideas what could be wrong? If I try to use the package
in a standalone widget app, 
everything works fine. 
I'd also appreciate any pointers to VTK-QT packages, the VTK site has 2
dead links out of 4 to VTK-QT 
Packages so I'm not sure if I've explored all possibilities. 
Bert Schiettecatte
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