[vtkusers] Accessing VTK_DATA_ROOT from C++

Tuhin Sinha tk.sinha at vanderbilt.edu
Mon Jul 7 14:24:57 EDT 2003

Thanks Glen,

  The files you highlighted had what I needed.  I have another "quick" 
question related to this subject... using CMAKE I pointed the build process 
at the absolute path containing my VTKData.  However, CMAKE changed the 
absolute path to a relative path (making the assumption that you want to use 
VTKData from four levels deep in the VTK directory structure).  Is this the 
standard operating procedure for VTK/Cmake?  How can I force CMake to use the 
absolute path?  Thanks again for your help.

Tuhin Sinha

On Monday 07 July 2003 12:27, Glen Lehmann wrote:
> Hi Tuhin,
> You can have a look at Common/Testing/Cxx/vtkTestUtilities.cxx and an
> example of its usage in Imaging/Testing/Cxx/ImportExport.cxx.
> Good luck,
> Glen
> Tuhin Sinha wrote:
> >Hello users,
> >
> >	Does anyone know how to get access to the VTK_DATA_ROOT setting from a
> > C++ source file.  I expected to find it in "vtkConfigure.h", but it
> > wasn't there. If it isn't accessible somewhere already, can it be added
> > to vtkConfigure.h? Thanks for your time.
> >
> >Tuhin Sinha
> >
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