[vtkusers] Erode/Dilate with 3D-cross

Michael S. Vaz gte631d at mail.gatech.edu
Sun Jul 6 19:05:30 EDT 2003

Hi all,
I would like to perform erotions/dilations on vtkImageData using a
structuring element that I specify.  Specifically, I would like to use the
3D-cross (6 voxels).

As far as I can tell, in vtk 4.2 and earlier we are limited to specifying
parameners of an ellipsoid.  Any suggestions/insight will be much


ps: also if someone knows how to write specific scalar values to
vtkImageData (vtk 4.0 please let me know).  Thanks.

Michael S. Vaz
324607 Georgia Tech Station
Atlanta Georgia, 30332
Internet: gte631d at prism.gatech.edu
SMS 	: sarju at voicestream.net

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