[vtkusers] Visualizing Binary Volumes

Mathieu Malaterre Mathieu.Malaterre at creatis.insa-lyon.fr
Thu Jul 3 12:17:23 EDT 2003


	You can first have a look at:

How to handle large data sets in VTK:

If this still doesn't solve your problem you can try applying a 
vtkImageGaussian to turn your binary volume in a grayscale one. Thus 
vtkContourFilter will work in a better way.

(I'll also recommend using vtkStripper and/or vtkLODActor)


Janna wrote:
> Janna wrote:
>>Does anyone know of a pipeline to quickly visualize binary volumes (from
>>a CT scan of the humerus 512x512 with 1.3mm z spacing) as an actor?
>>Both of the following  pipelines result in an actor with values through
>>the entire actor.  I'm only really interested in viewing the surface of
>>the bone (rather that the data in the middle).  Is there a way to save
>>just the surface?
>>   I've been using:
>>   but this takes a very long time to render and the interactivity is
>>slow as well.
>>   Another thing I've tried is:
>>   to save the rendered image along the way, then use this saved image
>>to create the actor:
>>   this takes less time, but it is still slow.
>>Any help with this would be great!!!
>>Janna Balling
>>balling at sci.utah.edu
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