[vtkusers] Problems with new mapper class

Praveen Bhaniramka praveenb at mrcoffee.engr.sgi.com
Tue Jul 1 14:43:48 EDT 2003

Hi VTK Users,

I am trying to implement a new mapper class in VTK to volume render
vtkStructuredGrid's. I have been able to get the 'infrastructure' in place
now using a base class derived from vtkMapper which instantiates the
corresponding OpenGL-based mapper class.

In my sample program (a modified version of the streamline example from
VTK 3.2) however, as soon as I add an actor for my mapper class to the
renderer, the display window becomes blank. My mapper class currently
simply returns from the Render() method! I would expect that the other
mappers attached to the renderer via their corresponding actors should
still render.

If I do not add the actor for my mapper to the renderer in my example
program, everything works fine. Is there something incorrect with my


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