[vtkusers] Questions regarding vtkRenderWindow and vtkRenderWindowInteractor

Arun Srinivasan sakumar79 at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 25 13:40:22 EDT 2003

  I am learning VTK and I have a couple of questions regarding 
vtkRenderWindow and vtkRenderWindowInteractor.
1. In vtkRenderWindow, there is a function SetWindowId to set the render 
window to an existing window. However, the parameter is void *. Glut returns 
an integer for glutGetWindow(). Can I use the integer to get the render 
window to use an existing glut window?
2. When I use vtkRenderWindowInteractor, is it possible to force the render 
window to refresh regularly? There seems to be a function called 
SetStillUpdateRate, but it appears to be for LODActors. I am using regular 
actors but I want the window to refresh regularly based on external 
environmental variables even if it is not in focus or being interacted 
Thanks in advance,

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