[vtkusers] bug - or misunderstanding - for transformation from world to view coordinates

Jonathan Bailleul Jonathan.Bailleul at greyc.ismra.fr
Thu Apr 17 14:34:31 EDT 2003

Dear all,

As explained in a previous post, I created an actor from a polydata
object. My purpose is to move the actor with the mouse, and, at a given
stage, to retrieve the current 2d coordinates in order to display on the
screen a vtkActor2D feeded from a textMapper for annotation purposes.

I used the renderer method WorldToView as described here, but I cannot
understand the results:

before: 200 200 50 after:-5.63508 -3.76998 1.97749
before: 200 200 50 after:0.231182 0.0137224 2.20205

it changes when I move the actor with the mouse (hopefully), but the
text remains in the bottom-left corner as the strange values suggest,
which is not what I expected since the actor itself is in the middle of
my screen!

In advance, thanks for your help.

/* sets actor position to 2d projection of given 3d point */
Place2DActor(vtkRenderer *ren, vtkActor2D *act, float* pt)
  float x, y, z;
  x = pt[0]; y = pt[1]; z = pt[2]; 

  cout << "before: "<< x << " " << y  << " " << z;
 ren -> WorldToView(x, y, z);

  cout << " after:"<< x << " " << y  << " " << z << endl;

  act -> SetPosition(x, y);

Jonathan BAILLEUL, Doctorant
GREYC Image - Université de Caen 

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