AW: [vtkusers] Is there in vtk.jar?

Chunyan Jiang jiang at
Thu Apr 17 08:33:34 EDT 2003

I perform every step as you said. Download the and Then javac -d them. It generates not only one .class. There
are also some other files such as vtkCanvas$1.class,
vtkCanvas$DelayAction.class, and so on. I add them all to vtk.jar. However,
my compiler still can not find them.
I try two compiler: JBuilder8 and JCreator

JBuilder8 error message:
"": Error #: 302 : cannot access class vtk.vtkPanel; class not found: class vtk.vtkPanel at line 5, column

JCreator error message:
C:\jcy\JBapp\VTK test\VTKtest\src\vtktest\ cannot resolve
symbol  : class vtkPanel
location: package vtk
import vtk.vtkPanel;

But I can see vtkPanel.class in vtk.jar by winzip.
How can I solve this problem?
Thank you very much!


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    Download the classes from the URL I mentioned in the previous mail
compile these classes with

javac -d . *.java

and include vtkCanvas.class and vtkPanel.class in the vtk.jar along with the
directory as

jar -uvf vtk.jar vtk //vtk is the directory which contains above mentioned
class files


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I use vtk4.2 and JBuilder8 in Win2000. Now I want to test a simple example However the can not be found in vtk.jar. Does
any one use vtkPanel in his application? How can I get it?
Thank you very much!


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