[vtkusers] Do you find vtkPanel?

Chunyan Jiang jiang at Telematik-Institut.de
Thu Apr 17 04:12:33 EDT 2003

Hello Richard,
I find your question at vtk-user archive.
I have the exactly same problem as yours. Do you solve it now? How?
I hope you can share your experience with me.
Thank a lot!



I have just downloaded 4.2 for use with java but vtkPanel has disappeared, 
is there a new version available? The vtkPanel shipped with 4.0 does not 
work with 4.2. I understood that vtkPanel was being integrated into the 
vtk.jar file to fix the namespace issue under java sdk 1.4? Does anyone 
know where I can get a vtkPanel that will work with 4.2, or a new version 
of the jar?

On a related matter, is 4.0 still available for download? I don't see a 
link to it on the site.

Thankyou in advance for your help, Richard.

Chunyan Jiang, Dipl.-Inform.,
Institut for Telematic 
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