[vtkusers] Using the 3D Widgets with wxPython

Harris Scott R Civ AFRL/SNJM Scott.Harris at wpafb.af.mil
Wed Apr 16 15:37:39 EDT 2003

Has anyone used the 3D Widgets in VTK with wxPython?

Let's say I wanted to use a vtkBoxWidget. What do I pass to the SetInteractor() method since
I don't have a vtkRenderWindowInteractor?

It won't take a wxVTKRenderWindow (Although I should double check maybe I'm using 
the one supplied by wxPython instead of the VTK version).

Is there a way to make a vtkRenderWindowInteractor that will just pass selected events from
wxPython to the 3D Widgets?

Maybe somebody has a short example or some ideas on how to get this to work?

scottrharris at earthlink.net

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