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philipp.batchelor at kcl.ac.uk philipp.batchelor at kcl.ac.uk
Wed Apr 16 13:05:02 EDT 2003

Maybe I'm saying something stupid, but is the line
> vtkPoints *points=vtkPoints::New();
necessary? why allocate it? shouldn't
> vtkPoints *points=info->GetPoints();
be enough?


On Wed, 16 Apr 2003 vanessa.noguesruiz at epfl.ch wrote:

> Hello.
> I would like to know how to read points from a polydata vtk file, as I do the
> following:
> vtkPolyDataReader *lector = vtkPolyDataReader::New();
>       lector->SetFileName ("D:/Proyecto/vtk/cube.vtk");
> vtkPolyData *info=vtkPolyData::New();
> info=lector->GetOutput();
> vtkPoints *points=vtkPoints::New();
> 		points=info->GetPoints();
> and I don't get any points pointed by "points".
> Could anyone explainme why I am not getting the data in this way? I've also
> tried to get polygons cells and verts, but it always results NULL or a
> exception is launched when running, although it compiles and links perfectly.
> Thanks in advance.

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