[vtkusers] Refresh problems with WinXp & VTK 4.2

Andrea Borsic aborsic at sc-aip.com
Wed Apr 16 06:18:53 EDT 2003

Dear All,

I'm experiencing strange problems with VTK 4.2 on the following system:

Laptop Compaq EVO N1020V, which is:
P4 256MB RAM
ATI graphics adapter (chipset IGP 340M)
Windows XP Pro
Visual Studio .NET

Firstly I must say that on the same system VTK 4.0 runs fine.


After deleting completely VTK 4.0 and installing VTK 4.2 wintel precompiled 
binaries, all tcl examples run extremely slow, to the point that it is 
impossible to drag the renderer window around, and that it takes tens of 
seconds to render the teapot.

The same thing happens if I rebuild the VTK 4.2.1 distribution from scratch, 
and then either running the tcl example scripts or compiling & running the 
SampleMFC application.

Has anyone experienced anything similar ?

Best Regards and thanks in advance for your attention,

Andrea Borsic.

SC-AIP s.a.s.
Scientific Computing & Applied Inverse Problems
Via Boggio 61/A
Torino - ITALY

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