[vtkusers] problems using vtkBorlandRenderWindow

Xianjin Yang Yang at AGIUSA.COM
Tue Apr 15 15:41:41 EDT 2003

I am using vtk 4.2.1 and Borland C++ Builder 6 on WinXP Pro and have not run
into the problem you mentioned. I just tried the example under
/Examples/GUI/Win32/vtkBorland/ProjectDemo/ and it worked fine on my PC. I'd
love to see more and better VTK/BCB components, and would like to contribute if


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Hi vtkUsers,

     I've been using the vtkBorlandRenderWindow component for C++ Builder 6 and
everything goes fine if I add no object to the renderer of the component, but if
I do so then it crashes when I close the application.

The exception is raised at:

 DummyCritSect.Lock();    // vtkPolyData::~vtkPolyData()

If I destroy the component before the form is closed (on the OnFormClose
event) then there is no exception but there are some resource leaks.

There is something not properly handled in the component, as you can see the
former exception happens even in the example given in the last vtk release:


What can I do to get it right?
Is there anybody working in some vtk component for C++ Builder? I would like to
work with somebody to make an easy to use robust component.



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