[vtkusers] VTK patented classes

Jeremy Winston winston at cat.rpi.edu
Mon Apr 14 12:00:06 EDT 2003

ramu chandran wrote:
>        I am using VTK with Java. I suppose I am not allowed to
> use the patented classes for commercial purposes. Can I assume
> that only those classes appearing under "patented" directory in
> CVS are prohibited from commercial use and rest all classes can be
> used without any leagal issues? Please let me know.

It's not that you are prohibited from using the patented classes for
commerical purposes, it's that you must make a licensing arrangement 
with the patent holder(s).  Also, you need make no such arrangement 
for classes not in the Patented directory, but other BSD license-style
requirements apply.

See README.html#Copyright in your VTK source directory.


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