[vtkusers] object of vtk in TCL

Chen Fu novalet at yahoo.com.cn
Sun Apr 13 21:37:42 EDT 2003


I find the objects created by the vtk are not a
for example:

% vtkRenderer ren
% info vars
tcl_rcFileName tkPriv.:0 tcl_version argv argv0
errormsg VTK_DATA_ROOT tcl_traceCompile tk_library
tk_version errorCode auto_path tk_strictMotif
errorInfo tkPriv
auto_index env tcl_patchLevel argc tk_patchLevel
tcl_libPath errorMessage tcl_library tcl_platform

the "ren" isn't inside the "info vars"
How can i get a description of object? 

I try:
% puts $ren
can't read "ren": no such variable

I am a newbie in tcl. Hope somebody can lend me a hand

Another probleam is how to delete such a object?
Sometimes, my
script want to replace the former object to another

for example:
% vtkImageViewer ren
ren: a vtk object with that name already exists.

It seems can't  be replaced by declare a new object
with same name. So there must be a way to delete it,
isn't it?

Thank you!!

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