[vtkusers] substract a PolyData from another (boolean operation)

Sebastien Auclair sxa at fluent.com
Thu Apr 10 10:46:42 EDT 2003

We also have this need.

>From what I've found out, the only way to do Boolean operations is through
implicit function of vtk primitives.

Boolean on any polydata dataset as such is not available.
If someone can prove me wrong, I would be extremely happy !

Take a look at the icecream example in the vtk books. (related to

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Subject: [vtkusers] substract a PolyData from another (boolean operation)

> I have 2 questions.
> 1) I want to substract a polydata from another?
> 2) Is it possible to substract a solid or filled
> polydata from another?
> Please give me some help, I've try to use
> vtkImplicitDataSet with vtkClipPolyData but the result
> is  a difference of colors not shape.
> I want make a substract like a boolean operation( the
> difference).
> Thank to answer me.
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